The Top 5 Repairs Needed on Ford Cargo Vans

Designed to be highly reliable and efficient, Ford Cargo Vans face some repair problems. Here are five of the most common repairs they may need.

Exhaust leaks are an issue that happens when there is an issue with the van’s manifolds. If the problem is broken studs, mechanics may have to replace the manifold or drill new studs, which is risky.

Ford Vans blower motor could stop working entirely or work at certain speeds.

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Assessing, repairing, and replacing the fuse, resistance, wires, and the blower motor will resolve this issue.

An engine misfire will cause the engine to skip or shudder randomly. Replacement of spark plugs, boots, and the springs underneath is required to resolve this.

The Ford Van shifter knob is attached to the steering column. It may start to wobble and shift gears automatically, a safety risk.

Transmission fluid leaks are the fifth most common problem. A quick check, bolt tightening, and cleaning should do the trick to repair it.

Be sure to look out for any of these issues when looking up repairable salvage cargo vans for sale.

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