Take a Peek Under the Hood of the Insurance Claim Process

Insurance claim

There is no need to be ashamed if you have never had to work through the insurance claim process before and you are feeling particularly confused. This is not a skill that they teach in school, and generally no one will tell you how it is done until something unfortunate happens and you must figure out for yourself firsthand.

The insurance claim process varies from industry to industry. Your auto insurance claim is going to be slightly different from your medical, and different from your pet insurance claim! However, most people find themselves needing to make an insurance claim for medical reasons, and so that is the example that we will use. For the purposes of explaining this process clearly, we will pretend that you need to file a claim.

1. The insurance claims process starts when you have been in an accident, and you decide to seek payment for the injuries you have suffered. You will gather evidence and information about your injuries, and also determine how much you want to claim.

2. Once you have prepared to make a claim, you will notify the people that you believe to be responsible. Why? Doing this could help bring a settlement about quicker, and it is also simply good legal etiquette.

3. If a settlement is not proposed and reached immediately, then you will craft a formal letter of demand and submit it to anyone you believe responsible for your injuries. The insurance company processing insurance claims will also need to be notified.

4. After the letter is submitted either a settlement will be reached, or the matter will be taken to court.

After this step you will likely need professional legal counsel, and it is highly recommended that legal counsel is engaged from even before the first step. Hopefully, knowing the layout and the progression of the insurance claim process will help to prepare you in the event that you need to take part in it yourself. Sometimes just knowing what lies ahead can reduce stress, and allow you to move through the process with a clearer mind.

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