Don’t get shafted by insurance companies

Insurance claim process

One thing I’m sure none of us likes is getting into a car accident. They are dangerous, time consuming, and can ruin a day faster than anything. And what can actually be worse than the accident the processing insurance claim aspect of this little adventure. Insurance claims can be a time consuming, tedious thing that will sometimes leave you worse off than if you never tried the insurance claim process in the first place. The insurance claims process can be a difficult venture, depending on who you choose as your insurance provider, but with careful research you can avoid this pitfall and have a…somewhat…pleasurable experience.

The first thing to remember when processing insurance claims is to have all the prevalent information at hand. Nothing is worse than getting through 95 percent of the details only to be missing some key piece of identification or whatever that you need, and not being able to find it anywhere, and having to call back. Second, and this goes back to the scene of the accident before you are even thinking of processing insurance claim, is to never admit fault to anything. The police will likely show up on the scene (if the accident is severe enough) and they will ultimately doll out responsibility on the appropriate party. But if you have already admitted fault, the other person’s insurance company will still try to use that against you, even if you have done nothing wrong. These are not criminal proceedings (in most cases) so at the very worst the matter will be taken up in civil court where burdens of proof differ and matters can often get messy and complicated. Save yourself the trouble of unintentionally forcing yourself down this road and NEVER ADMIT TO ANYTHING! You will be much better for it in the long run. Third, processing insurance claim(s) should be done as soon as possible. If you are not obviously in the wrong, then processing that insurance claim will both notify your insurance company of what happened, and have them utilize their resources to both protect you and them. The other drivers company may try to threaten or coheres you into a bad situation. That is when your insurance company will step in and protect you. This may not be how it always happens, but it does, at least some of the time.

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