Everything You Should Know About Personal Trainer Insurance

Fitness trainer insurance sounds pretty dry, but it’s useful for people who train folks to get in shape. The video says most gyms will have you covered by their insurance, but it’s always a smart idea to double-check. Even if a gym offers cover, getting your insurance is a good call in case something goes down.

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They also talk about the different types of insurance and how much it costs.

One of the more affordable options is around $172 a year, which seems reasonable for covering yourself up to $1 million per incident and $3 million annually. This amount should be enough coverage for most trainers. You can sometimes get a deal on insurance through places like NASM or ACE if you’ve got certification. While they don’t say exactly how much NASM costs, it’s usually similar across the board.

They allow you to pay more for higher coverage. The presenter thinks most trainers are good with $1 million per incident and $2 million for the whole year. Also, save money by paying for two years at once. Another thing is that they mention liability insurance (that’s for accidents involving clients).

The prices of the policy depend on how much they’ll pay out if someone gets hurt and decides to sue. You’ve got your per-incident amount (the max they pay for one injury claim). Then there’s the annual total, the highest they’ll spend on all your claims for an entire year. You can get more coverage if you want to pay a bit extra.


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