Calculating Settlements the Accident Injury Attorney Way

This video will show you how accident injury attorneys calculate settlements. One of the common difficulties in calculating injury payments is determining the monetary value of a victim’s pain and suffering. Such pain is hard to quantify because of the different physical and emotional signs that individuals express.

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Therefore, it’s vital to choose an attorney who can prove and maximize the value of one’s pain and suffering.

How does an accident injury attorney calculate settlements? A competent accident injury attorney must determine if his client is a victim of actual, physical, or mental pain and suffering. He must then convince the jury that the distress suffered by his client is proportional to the demanded amount of settlement.

Accident injury attorneys often base the demanded settlement on the victim’s actual monetary costs like hospital bills, deferred wages, and property damage. However, this technique cannot determine the total value of the victim’s mental distress after the accident. The injury attorney must therefore prove to the jury and the insurance adjuster how the accident will affect the victim’s quality of life in the past, present, and future.

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