Sometimes We Crash Our Cars Into Eachother

Insurance claims

People do not just drive around looking for ways to get themselves in an accident just to gain insurance money out of it, well at least we hope not… But sometimes real accidents do occur and they are not that uncommon, so it is important to have things like the insurance claims process to ensure a fair, safe, and efficient process for dealing with this type of situation.

It does not take a genius to learn the steps of the insurance claims process. These steps are often very predicable and should be pretty obvious to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. See steps below.

  1. Notify People
    Before you even file the claim itself, you must let the person or people know that you got in the accident with that you are hurt and plan to file a claim for your injuries. This speeds up the process and increases your chance of getting a settlement, because waiting too long will allow the other person a chance at saying that your claim has unfairly surprised them.
  2. Investigate Your Claim
    You must gather all the evidence that is needed. It is important to provide clear proof of who caused the accident, determine what you think your claim is worth, and plan good arguments in case your evidence is ever challenged throughout the process.
  3. Submission
    Once everything is gathered, then you will write a formal demand letter to the insurance company of the person you believe to be responsible for your injuries. But in certain situations, under a no fault policy, you will notify your own insurance company as well in attempts to get money for your injuries from them instead

Although many insurance claims processes go easy and without problem, there are situations where you will find yourself dealing with some stubborn or unreasonable claims adjuster. These are the times when you must resort to other negotiation tactics such as consulting with a personal injury attorney, and if it comes down to it, you may even have to take it to the courts. Whether processing insurance claims is an easy process or a difficult one, it is a necessary service in providing a fair outcome to accidents.

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