Doing This Adult Thing Like a Pro

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When we are children, all we think about is the great big world just waiting for us to explore and discover it. And when we get called in for dinner or told it is time for bed, all we want is the freedom to go off on our own to do all of that adventuring our imaginations dream up. Fast forward a few years, and as teenagers we can’t wait to get out of the house and away from the oppressive rules that hold us hostage to curfews and turning homework in on time. We dream of everything we could do if there were no parents or teachers to tell us where to be and how to act. And then, finally, the time comes. We reach adulthood! And promptly we begin to scramble, because this life of freedom that we’ve always dreamed about is full of lots of things we most certainly did not dream about, like bills and very little vacation time and car payments and homeowner insurance.

Facing the trials of adulthood head on
The responsibilities of adulthood may catch many people by surprise, but all those extra things that come along with being an adult do not have to put us off of the paths we first set our sights on and dream about when we are younger. Don’t forget that plenty of people have been where you are, and there are systems in place to help you navigate all the new duties of being an adult. Getting homeowner insurance is among the most important things you will want to be sure to have as you begin to settle into the life you have built for yourself. There are multiple insurance services and companies available to you, and as you seek out affordable insurance, whether it is from health, auto or home insurance companies, just keep in mind that professionals should be willing to answer any and all questions you have. So don’t be afraid to take on what may seem like the less desirable aspects of adulthood. It all ends up worth it in the end, and there are plenty of other perks of being an adult that quickly overshadow any hurdles you may experience in your quest for homeowner insurance.

Some things to know about insurance for your home
There are different types of policies when it comes to insurance for homeowners, and it is important to know what exactly is covered and what may require extra or a different type of coverage. Many policies will include hail, wind, tornado and other storm-related damage, but may not extend to the damage caused by floods or earthquakes. Affordable home insurance that covers everything that you want it to might take some shopping around to find, but you should find a policy that you will be happy with. Another thing to think about is cooperation with your insurer. Working with insurers by preparing an inventory of possessions ahead of time will help them to document losses should a problem arise. Over the last eight years or so, an average of 50% of homeowners said that they were prepared with such a list. And it isn’t just home owners who should be prepared. In 2014, an Insurance Information Institute poll was conducted, and showed that while 95% of homeowners had insurance, only about 37% of renter’s had insurance. Being prepared is key, even if you would rather not think about the things that could go wrong.

Being an adult can be scary. But let’s be honest: we’ve been waiting for it all of our lives, and dealing with a bit of paperwork and preparation to find the right homeowner insurance, or whatever the current hurdle may be, is certainly worth the hassle.

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