Do You Have Your Recreational Vehicle Insured?

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A quick forming and intense thunderstorm in the Omaha, Nebraska, area last Friday led to significant amounts of damage. For families who were camping that night, failure to have recreational vehicle insurance proved costly. As trees snapped and hail stones pounded, many campers in some parts of the city had their summer camping plans wrecked before the first day of summer had even arrived. With many families camping for the Father’s Day weekend, trucks, RVs, family cars, and many other belongings fell victim to a storm that was later said to include two different F1 tornadoes.
Although many of these families likely had plans to disconnect from digital media and chores at home, the Father’s Day weekend found thousands of people disconnected from electrical power as well.
Tracking Where You Are Has Become the Goal of Many Social Media Platforms
Snap Map.
It’s a thing.
As another social media platform adds a feature that lets its users include a location with any post, many parents may be looking for ways to disconnect their teens from the temptation of a 24/7 digital life. One way that some families find a way to reconnect with themselves and take a break from the strong draw that social media can have.
If your family enjoys camping, you may be all too familiar with the costs of traveling with a recreational vehicle. From the initial cost to the expense of maintenance and upkeep, many families make significant investments in their RVs. for this reason, families want to make sure that they do everything that they can to protect that investment. A growing number of camping families look toward recreational vehicle insurance as a way to protect the investments that they make.
Whether you are looking at recreational vehicle insurance for the first time, or you have carried a policy for year’s, the decision to get an insurance quote on your vacation vehicle can help you prepare for the unexpected.
Home Owners Insurance Does Not Always Include Recreational Motorcoach Insurance
Parents can feel as if they are constantly in the process of protecting their family. From keeping your teenagers safe when they are online to protecting the sacred family time that you may have, parents are often in the habit of making sure that they find a way to stay in control.
Consider some of these statistics about insurance and the benefits of insured vehicle, whether they are the kinds that you drive back and forth to the store or the kind that you drive to a vacation destination.:

  • World wide, 1.2 million people die in car accidents yearly, some of which may involve recreational vehicles.
  • 52% of homeowners said they had an inventory of their property and personal belongings, according to a June 2015 survey. Unless specifically listed, however, recreational vehicles are not always included in the standard home property insurance policy.
  • Over the past nine years about, an average of 50% of home owners said they prepared an inventory of their possessions to help document losses for their insurers, according to polls conducted for the Insurance Information Institute. Making sure that you have the contents of your RV inventoried is also important.
  • 5.3% of insured homes had a claim in 2014, according to insurance industry reports. Property damage, including theft, accounted for 97.3% of those claims.

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